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Why the hell a Virago?

A good friend of mine pointed out she may have an old Yamaha Virago in her garage.
Standings there since 1996, this pearl is now 27 years sitting, waiting.
So far i figured out that this thing will run. Most of it´s substance is in good condition. A little rust here and there. But absolutely ready to go… I thought…

First inspection

After vegetating in a dark and dusty underground garage lot for 27 years i gave the littel lady a quick rinse with water ans soapy water (credits to: chrisfix). After that i left her to dry in the warm september sun.

I Inspected almost everything. A look in the tank – looks fine, no rust whatsoever. All fuel and oil lines are fine and not leaking. So i filled up the tanks, put in a fresh battery, refilled the oils and reassembled new filters. Not knowing that there is kind of a reserve (?) gas tank under the seat.

And here the trouble starts… 

After the years all the gunk and gas slime stuff collected down there. Clogging at least the gas tap and the electrically controlled reserve gas tap.

So i have to figure out how to clean an seal the inner of the lower tank.

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